We know better than to sleep on this heavy hitter. As a Turkish, Swiss-based producer, OZ has managed to traverse space and time and dominate US charts, putting his unique touch on some of music's biggest tracks. In 2018 he made a noteworthy arrival into the music production scene with his first number one record, "Sicko Mode" by Travis Scott, followed closely in numbers by "Highest in the Room." Then, as if to reiterate what he's capable of, OZ solo produced Drake's "Toosie Slide," a 2020 hit that's earned the young producer over 1B video views, a long run on Billboard's Hot 100, and his signature on an 8x platinum record. Drake said it best on his track "Greece," "OZ got the bounce, yeah." Yeah, and now he has the well-earned title as Splice's Producer of the Year.